Monday, March 14, 2016

Preparing Skis for Summer Storage

Terry McEnany, MD, draws on extensive experience as a ski instructor with Ski and Snowboard Schools in Aspen, Colorado. There, Dr. Terry McEnany has advised skiers on topics ranging from safety and technique to off-season storage.

Before putting skis away for the long summer, it is important to thoroughly wash all parts with water and a soft brush. Owners should then fully dry the skis and inspect the level of wax remaining on the base. Some skiers choose not to apply wax if a coating remains on the ski, while others believe that a thorough wax without scrape and polish is important for proper ski protection.

Skiers should also carefully assess for any discoloration or cracking on the bindings. In general, most bindings will need replacement after five seasons or several hundred days of use. Those who set their binding settings at 7 or above may wish to lower the settings for storage to avoid pressure, though experts recommend making a visible note to re-set the number before use the following season. Skiers should then choose a location for storage where skis will not be exposed to heat and where no pressure is applied that might bend the skis themselves.