Thursday, December 17, 2015

Aspen, Colorado - A Skiing and Cultural Destination for Decades

Over the course of a career spanning several decades, accomplished cardiovascular surgeon Terry McEnany, MD, held prominent positions at medical facilities across the country. Currently, Dr. Terry McEnany divides his time between Boston and Aspen, Colorado, where he serves as a ski instructor at the Ski and Snowboard Schools of Aspen.

A skiing and outdoor recreation destination for decades, Aspen first made its mark on the skiing world in 1950, when the community hosted the United States’ first world skiing competition. That event and others that followed showcased Aspen’s unique and difficult mountain terrain and helped elevate the area’s status as an international destination for both skiers and cultural enthusiasts.

Over the years, Aspen continued to expand its ski territory and attract visitors from around the world. Today, the town remains a top destination for not only skiing but also art, music, and education. Modern visitors travel to Aspen to enjoy such events as the Alpine Skiing World Cup, the Aspen Music Festival, and the Winter X Games, which will be held there every year through 2019.

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  1. Terry, Don Sheff CCP here, Wish you the best and loved seeing your picture here. I remember you instructing me at Alpine Meadows one day, fun!

    I was recalling some physiology from Heart surgery and mannitol which you favored post CX Clamped. It is a daily used thing in my practice because of your influence.

    I had to come looking for you with fond memories, I miss your fun nature. even the stories of the airport photo cameo's, still I tell them about you.

    With admiration and thanks,

    Don Sheff