Friday, July 8, 2016

Outward Bound’s Intercept Expeditions for Struggling Teens

A Colorado ski instructor, Terry McEnany, MD, focuses on community volunteer activities during the off-season. Among his charitable endeavors, Terry McEnany, MD, previously served as a safety committee member with the Voyageur Outward Bound School.

Located in Ely, Minnesota, the nonprofit school strives to provide young men and women with challenging outdoor experiences that enable them to build leadership qualities and independence. Among the core Outward Bound offerings are Intercept Expeditions designed for struggling teenagers and their families.

Focused on strengthening the sense of family connection through shared decision making and respect for boundaries, Intercept Expeditions are led by compassionate, experienced instructors. Popular courses range from a Lake Superior semester to a Rio Grande backpacking expedition. The Boundary Waters cross country skiing and dog sledding expedition lasts nearly a month, and involves extensive travel across lakes that are frozen and covered with snow. Incorporated within the course are community service days spent assisting local food pantries and charities such as Goodwill.

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